Project in development: film footage is shot, editing required

Imagine a talent search through 20 Puget Sound schools. Over 80 aspiring high school students audition for an innovative program in which they will tackle the Bard under the guidance of a master teacher.

Forty proud young people make the callbacks, and try their Shakespeare pieces in the intense conditions of a television studio. Almost half of them are chosen, and begin 9 weeks of training with director Arne Zaslove.  They learn the secrets of Shakespeare’s poetry: how to make the language their own, how to delve into their characters, how to approach their scenes with confidence and professionalism.

And it’s all captured on video…already. From the nerves at the audition, to the breakthroughs in class, to the transformed actors in their final presentation.  In cooperation with the Instructional Broadcast Center of the Seattle School Board, Arne Zaslove and Keehn Thomsen have extraordinary footage in the can, documenting the journey of these promising young performers.

The next steps:

Edit the footage into a 1-hour documentary
Create an accompanying study guide
Make finished show and study guide available to schools and libraries nationally, providing inspiration for students and an invaluable teaching tool for language arts and drama teachers

To support the completion of Shakespeare in the Studio, or if you can connect us with anyone who would be interested in the project, please contact Arne Zaslove at