Global Works Productions in the past has operated as Hit & Run Theater Company. Hit & Run was born with a staged reading of Nobel laureate Sinclair Lewis’s play (adapted from his novel), It Can’t Happen Here. The occasion was the 75th anniversary of the original production, sponsored by the Federal Theater Project, performed simultaneously by 17 theater companies across the country. On this date, October 27, 2011, that event was commemorated by 25 staged readings. Arne Zaslove’s presentation at the vintage Museum of History and Industry building drew the largest crowd in the country.

This inspired his initiative to bring socially significant plays to different venues, some to regular theaters and some to site-specific locations. The idea behind Zaslove’s Hit & Run Theater Company is to bring meaningful theatrical presentations to people in different communities, to effectively produce a hit and then be on the run.

Global Works Productions ups the stakes by seeking a working, long-term relationship with an already established theatrical community (or communities).

Thus we are making the transition from a sporadic and nomadic volunteer organization to a professional, geographically-based organization with secured funding.           

CD/Booklet of ‘Lights of Winter’

For inquiries, please call 206-920-9084, or email:

‘Lights of Winter’
Written by K.C. Brown
Directed by Arne Zaslove
Produced by/Music Direction by Eric Chappelle,
Ravenna Ventures 

"His sole executor, sole partner and sole friend was Edward Scrounge.  The shrewd partners, Scrounge and Morley, had created ScroungeMore…a giant store dedicated to the principle that if one paid one’s workers the lowest rate, one could offer one’s customers the very lowest price…especially at the holiday season..."