Eight artists with roots in the Pacific Northwest are profiled in arTTalks, a series of half-hour documentaries.  Arne Zaslove, noted director/producer and teacher, conducts in-depth interviews with artists in different disciplines, but common themes emerge: the importance of education, the power of artistic effort, its impact on the artists themselves as well as their audiences, and inspiration from the arts and artists.

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Two episodes of arTTalks, Joe McDonnell (sculptor) and Aurora Valentinetti (puppeteer), are currently being broadcast on the Seattle Channel.  To view and/or to check for broadcast times, visit www.seattlechannel.org

Artists profiled:

Merce Cunningham, choreographer 

Dante Marioni, glass artist

Joe McDonnell, sculptor 

Aurora Valentinetti, puppeteer 

Jim Ball, photographer

Garry Golightly, performance artist 

Dan Klennert, sculptor

Billy King, painter 
(www.billyking.com)this episode is still to be edited. 

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Episodes of arTTalks are available for purchase in DVD or VHS format.  For information on broadcast rights, to purchase copies, or to support your local school or library with a purchase of arTTalks shows, please contact us at [email address and link]

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