Global-Works exists to support creation and
to facilitate communication through the work
of artists in different media and cultures.

Creation is our best response to destruction. 
Communication is our best response to conflict.

“The human experience is rooted in the physical
— and the human body is like a tree.

“Its legs, grounded in what has come before,
provide acquired strength and stability.
Their movement nourishes the body by
circulating blood, its life force.

“The torso is the center of the body’s emotional
being and where we experience the eternal present.
Here is where we also manifest action: our hands
and our arms accomplish the tasks we set out to do.

“The head, home of eyes and ears and tongue and brain,
is the wellspring of imagination, which reveals the
possible, what can be, what perhaps will be.

“Past, present, and future.
This is the story the human body tells.”
— Arne Zaslove